Music Matchup: Vote For Your Favorite Song Called “Invincible”

“Invincible” is a surprisingly popular song title. It’s an even more popular name among singles. So we picked out four songs that share the name.

Kelly Clarkson’s song is the most recent. She released “Invincible” as the second single from Piece By Piece in spring 2015. It was one of two songs on the album written by Sia. Although it wasn’t the most popular of Kelly’s singles, it is still quite the empowerment anthem.

Back in 2007, Muse followed up their crazy single “Knights Of Cydonia” with the gentler “Invincible,” off their fourth album, Black Holes & Revelations.

Only a year earlier, OK Go released their explosive video for “Invincible,” the opening track on their second album, Oh No. Their viral hits “Here It Goes Again” and “A Million Ways” may have overshadowed this unique love song.

Finally, only a couple months before OK Go, Crossfade released their song of the same name. “Invincible” was the lead single from their sophomore album, Falling Away, which came out that summer. This one is a love song about letting yourself be vulnerable.

Check out all four songs below:

And now for the moment of truth. After hearing the four songs above, it’s time to decide which one you like best. Vote for your favorite version of “Invincible” below:

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All in good fun. Regardless of which song wins the poll, we love all four tracks. And it’s always fun to hear how different songs can sound despite having the same name.

Come back next week for another music matchup between songs that have only their name in common. Also be sure to check out all the latest news, blogs, and playlists we offer.

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2 thoughts on “Music Matchup: Vote For Your Favorite Song Called “Invincible”

  • May 20, 2017 at 9:30 am

    I love Cassadee Pope’s I Am Invincible-although there’s “I Am” in the title 😉


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