Evanescence Starts Recording ‘Synthesis’ – See Studio Sneak Peeks

Two weeks ago, Evanescence frontwoman Amy Lee finally revealed the band’s exciting new project: an album called Synthesis. The upcoming album, out this fall, will reimagine known and loved Evanescence songs with a new orchestral, electronic twist. Now, Evanescence is sharing fans in the recording process.

They just started recording the orchestra for the new tracks, with the help of master composer David Campbell. Amy and the band shared some sneak peeks from the studio, including a short video of the gorgeous new orchestra. And if you look closely, you can barely make out two of the songs they’re working on. We see two Evanescence songs: “Lost In Paradise” and “Never Go Back.”

First, last Sunday, May 21st, Amy Lee began tracking piano for the new recordings:




On Tuesday the 23rd, the orchestra officially came into the mix. David Campbell is directing here:










Hear some of the new music in the video below!


Update 5/31: Here’s one more behind-the-scenes shot. They’re recording “My Immortal”!


This is just the first week of recording that Evanescence has shared. We can expect more behind-the-scenes looks as they continue recording Synthesis over the coming weeks. This fall, we will be able to hear the newly recording songs in all their glory. The release date for Synthesis hasn’t been announced yet, but we’re expecting October or November.

In case you’re itching for new Evanescence songs, the band plans to release a normal album of all-new material next year. However, we’ll get two new songs on Synthesis as well.

Catch up on all we know about Synthesis on our album recording page. We’ll keep it updated all the way until the album is out. Keep checking back here for all the latest Evanescence music news.

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