Kelly Clarkson Finishing Album, Out Later This Year!

We’re getting so close to hearing Kelly Clarkson’s new album! Last summer, after 14 years with RCA, Kelly announced her move to Atlantic Records. She also excitedly confirmed that her upcoming 7th album will be much more soulful, urban, and R&B than the pop rock we’re used to hearing from her. Over the last year, Kelly shared tons of song clips, videos, and photos from the studio. We also learned about many different songwriters involved in the new record. Now, a full year after her initial announcement, it looks like Kelly is just about ready to release the new music. She took to Twitter on Monday to answer fans’ pressing questions.

Firs and foremost, her lead single will be out… soon. Kelly originally wanted it out in April, then said May, so there’s no telling when we’ll actually hear it. But it won’t be too long.

And despite some recent, alarming rumors of a delay to 2018, Kelly confirmed that the album will be out this year.

Kelly has chosen the album’s title already. She just won’t tell us what it is yet. All in due time.

Today, Kelly posted a new studio photo on Instagram. It looks like Kelly is officially finishing up recording!


After a year full of recording, it won’t be long now. We know Kelly has worked with songwriters and producers like Jason Halbert, Ali Tamposi, Diztortion, J.R. Rotem, The Monarch production team, Claude Kelly, Sebastian Kole, and more. We also learned a new song title – “It Matters To Me” – which could be on the album. It’s just a matter of weeks before we find out more about the album.

Catch up on all we know about Kelly’s upcoming album, and keep checking back here for all the latest Kelly Clarkson music news. She’s nearly done with the album, and we’ll certainly get news about a single and the record soon!

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