Foster The People Announces New Album, ‘Sacred Hearts Club’

In April, Foster The People shared three new songs on their III EP. “Pay The Man,” “Doing It For The Money,” and “SHC” suggested the band was moving back in the direction of their popular debut, Torches, which gave us the hit “Pumped Up Kicks.” Now, the band is ready to release their third album: Sacred Hearts Club will be out on July 21st.

If you liked the three new songs, you’re in luck. They will all be on the album, along with eight other new songs. See the full tracklist:

  1. “Pay The Man”
  2. “Doing It For The Money”
  3. “Sit Next To Me”
  4. “SHC”
  5. “I Love My Friends”
  6. “Orange Dream”
  7. “Static Space Lover”
  8. “Lotus Eater”
  9. “Time To Get Closer”
  10. “Loyal Like Syd & Nancy”
  11. “Harden The Paint”
  12. “III”

Foster The People also shared a behind-the-scenes video from the studio. They talk about how they wrote and recorded Sacred Hearts Club and what inspired the music.

Frontman Mark Foster explained that, in contrast to all the horrible news and tragedies that have permeated the last few years, the goal with Sacred Hearts Club was to give people a happy escape. The music is light and cheery, good for dancing and forgetting your troubles. He also talked about composing the songs, starting with a beat or sample and growing from there. Learn more in the video below:

Sacred Hearts Club will be out on July 21st. You can pre-order the album and new merch on Foster The People’s official store. You can also pre-order it on iTunes and get instant downloads of “Pay The Man,” “Doing It For The Money,” and “SHC.” The three songs are available on Spotify, too.

The band is also preparing for a European tour this July, with North American dates immediately following. Check out all dates and tickets now before it’s too late!

Enjoy the three new songs, and get ready to hear Sacred Hearts Club next month! Keep checking back here for all the latest Foster The People news.

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