Evanescence Talks Origins Of ‘Synthesis,’ Writing New Songs, & Next Album

After weeks of teasing, last month Evanescence announced their new album, Synthesis, will be out this fall. They’ve already begun recording, and now the band is currently taking a break from the studio as they tour Europe. In a new interview, three members of Evanescence spoke with Finland’s KaaosTV about the new music and the next album.

Synthesis, as frontwoman Amy Lee has already explained, reimagines Evanescence songs we already know and love. Amy reveals that the original idea behind the new project was that their songs have a lot of amazing layers, but they’re not always easy to hear. She explained that some of their past songs have incredible strings or programming, yet they can get buried in the mix. Amy wanted to allow fans to hear all the parts and be able to build up the songs in parts. In the end, they decided to make the project less complicated. And so Synthesis will present the band’s songs with a more orchestral production.

The band is rerecording various songs from Fallen, The Open Door, and Evanescence with a more symphonic and electronic sound. They are not remixes; they are newly recorded versions of songs like “My Immortal” and “Lost In Paradise,” plus two original songs as well.

In the final weeks of May, the band worked with David Campbell as a full symphony recorded their parts for the new tracks. Evanescence is now touring Europe, and will return to the studio in July or August to finish recording Synthesis. The band’s new guitarist, Jen Majura, may even sing in the new tracks!

In addition to describing Synthesis, which is mainly new versions of old songs, the band also talked about brand new songs and the next album of all-original material. There will be two new songs on Synthesis, but the band also wrote some others that will not appear on the record. These leftover songs don’t quite fit the theme of Synthesis, but Evanescence will likely use them on the next album.

The band also mentioned some of the leftover tracks from their 2010-2011 Evanescence sessions. While some of those songs were not released at the time, they could serve as a starting point for the band’s next album. They already played “Take Cover” last year, a song originally intended for Evanescence. What other leftover songs might we hear?

Watch the full interview with Amy Lee, Tim McCord, and Jen Majura below:

Synthesis will be the band’s first album in six years. Their next album of all-original material should come out in 2018. Evanescence’s last full album, 2011’s Evanescence, produced singles like “What You Want” and “My Heart Is Broken”. After touring for that album, the band went on hiatus.

Frontwoman Amy Lee had a son with her husband and pursued a number of music projects without the band. In 2014, she released a solo album called Aftermath, comprised of music she had written for the independent film War Story. Late in 2015, she shared four covers of well-known songs before releasing them as an EP the following January. In September 2016, Amy released a second solo album, this time made up of children’s music. Called Dream Too Much, it included some original songs mixed with covers. In early 2017, Amy released an English-language cover of an Italian song called “Love Exists,” followed by an original song called “Speak To Me” for the new film Voice From The Stone. Amy has also composed a new song “Through Your Eyes” for the upcoming film Blind.

Evanescence, meanwhile, had some significant internal changes. The band left Wind-up Records, making them independent for the first time in over a decade. Guitarist Terry Balsamo left the band in 2015, and was replaced by Jen Majura. In early 2017, the band released a vinyl boxset of all their albums – including Origin and a collection of previously released bonus tracks and two new recordings.

Synthesis will be out this fall. Stay tuned for announcements about the tracklisting and exact release date. We’ll also keep you posted on fall tour dates. Catch up on all we know about the album so far. Keep checking back here for all the latest on Synthesis and the band’s next album.

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