Ellie Goulding Updates “Something In The Way You Move” Music Video For Deichmann Shoe Line

In October 2015, Ellie Goulding debuted a new song off her third album, Delirium. “Something In The Way You Move” was a perfect electropop song, and it became the second North American single off the album in January 2016. It got a music video of tour footage soon after. So it may be a bit of a surprise that now, 17 months later, “Something In The Way You Move” has a second music video. The new video, directed by Emil Nava, advertises Ellie’s new line of shoes with Deichmann. The shoe company currently offers a spring/summer 2017 range of shoes.

Even as a shoe advertisement, the new “Something In The Way You Move” video is stunning. Watch the Deichmann version of “Something In The Way You Move” below:

Like the shoes in the video? You can browse the Ellie Goulding collection on the Deichmann site. They described Ellie’s new line of shoes:

Ellie’s style is unique, fun and quirky, with a dash of pop-rock thrown in for good measure, and we feel that our new ‘Star Collection’ represents her look perfectly. Our new front woman has oversaw each part of the design process, and each pair of heels, pumps, trainers and boots are ideal for those who have a hectic lifestyle like Ellie’s, or even for those who are more home bird than party girl!

Ellie herself said:

For me, shoes are an indication of what mood you are in. Launching a collection of my own gives me the opportunity to express my style. My collection includes shoes for any occasion. I really can’t decide if I like wearing heels or flats better. I’m constantly changing it up.

Ellie’s third album, Delirium, came out in November 2015. It started with the single “On My Mind” that fall, and the UK got “Army” as the second single after its release. The album also included her huge hit, “Love Me Like You Do,” from Fifty Shades Of Grey. Last year, Ellie released a couple of new songs: “Here’s To Us” for the HBO show Girls, and “Still Falling For You” from the film Bridget Jones’s Baby. This spring, Ellie teamed up with Kygo on their new single, “First Time.”

Be sure to listen to Delirium on Spotify, or buy the album on iTunes. Keep checking back here for all the latest Ellie Goulding music news.

And in case you want to re-watch the original “Something In The Way You Move” music video, here it is:

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