Vanessa Carlton Says “Love Is An Art” May Be Title Of Her Next Album

Throughout most of this year, Vanessa Carlton has been touring North America, and she’s treated lucky fans to a new song. “Love Is An Art” is a song she recently wrote, and its live debut hints at its future inclusion in an album. Vanessa’s last record, Liberman, came out in October 2015. More recently, we got two live EPs: Liberman Live and Earlier Things LiveWith the Liberman era coming to a close, Vanessa is now looking ahead to album #6.

In Toronto last week, Vanessa sat down with Katrina Lat of Live In Limbo. In addition to describing Liberman, she also spoke about writing new music and planning her next album. When talking about trying new approaches to songwriting, Vanessa revealed that she recently co-wrote a song with another songwriter:

I wrote with someone, and we wrote a song, and it came out in like five minutes. That was cool. But you have to really set up the environment to do it. I don’t think it’s good to be too closed off, but I do definitely have a rhythm to how I write.

…The trickiest thing in a co-write is when you start getting insecure. That was always my greatest fear, like “I would never want to read this out loud to a stranger.” If you’re in a workshop type environment, you have to be willing to throw things out there and not judge them. That can be hard… It’s all about chemistry. You set yourself up and see what happens.

Vanessa’s new music is “just starting to take shape. There’s a real delayed reaction to all big things in my life, in terms of when they finally get to a song from me.” Part of that delay may be coming from her baby girl. She admits to being easily distracted by 2-year-old daughter, making it hard to focus on writing songs.

After playing “Love Is An Art” live for the last few months, Vanessa’s next confession may not be that much of a surprise: She revealed that Love Is An Art may be the title of the new record! Vanessa explained, “I think that really embodies what this record is going to be.”

Vanessa also talked about her dreams of film scoring and attending the women’s march earlier this year. See the full interview below:

It’s evident that Vanessa is still in the early stages of writing the new album, yet she has a clear vision of where her songs are headed. “Love Is An Art” introduces themes that will likely reappear throughout the next record.

Vanessa previously mentioned that she’d starting to work on her next album. She’s currently writing new songs, and will likely begin recording later this year. The upcoming sixth studio album will be her first written since having a child. Her daughter, Sidney, was born in early 2015 after Vanessa had already recorded all of Liberman.

Stay tuned for more news on “Love Is An Art” and the next album. Keep checking back here for all the latest Vanessa Carlton music news.

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