The All-American Rejects Share Trailer For “Close Your Eyes” & “Sweat,” New Album In Fall

Back in April, All-American Rejects lead singer Tyson Ritter hinted that the band’s new single, “Sweat,” would be out one month later. May only brought a tour announcement with Dashboard Confessional. Finally, the All-American Rejects started teasing the new song again earlier this month. They even started sharing some lyrical previews. Now, Billboard confirms that The All-American Rejects are releasing TWO new songs: “Sweat” and “Close Your Eyes.” You can hear a preview of the new music in the “Sweat” trailer they shared today. The new songs will be out next Friday, July 7th.

Billboard also caught up with Tyson Ritter, who spoke about the band’s quiet hiatus and their upcoming full-length album. He said that their 2012 album, Kids In The Street, was never meant to be their last. The All-American Rejects always intended to make another album. They simply needed a break and a chance to live their lives. Tyson got married, and has explored acting in TV shows and movies. But eventually they were ready to make new Rejects music again.

Tyson described their new song, “Close Your Eyes”:

When I was in L.A. with my feet at my little red piano, I established this relationship with a guy down the street named Benny Cassette. For “Close Your Eyes” he had a handful of tracks — he is a great producer — and he called me up. I was like, “This is great. This is makes me feel uncomfortable, you just proposing something like this, so send ‘em my way. I’ve never tried anything like this.” The closest I had ever gotten to co-writing before was with [Weezer’s] Rivers [Cuomo] for the Raditude record.

Benny’s track had this groove where I felt like I was pulling myself back into the ‘90s in a fun way. Something felt really nostalgic about “Close Your Eyes” for me, so I went with it. Even lyrically, I’m proud of finding some sort of depth with that song that I don’t think I’ve grabbed on with previous Rejects tracks.

Billboard confirms a new full All-American Rejects album this fall. Tyson explained:

We’ve got six tracks on wax. This pairing, “Close Your Eyes” and “Sweat,” is a tasting. This is the sauvignon blanc and this is the cabernet. It’s not going to be the same Rejects record because it never is, if you’ve listened to one of our records. This time, to me, the visual offering is so important. The last five years of learning my craft as an actor and really developing that side of being a visual artist in that way has made me realize how important that really is — to put the eyes to the ears. This is going to be more of a visual experience. This record is going to be about your eyes and the headphones.

Read the full interview over at Billboard.

“Sweat” will be out next Friday, July 7th. Check out its trailer below:

It’s been a long process getting to this point. The All-American Rejects started recording in spring and summer 2016. They entered the studio again last January. So far, fans have gotten to hear one full new song from the summer sessions; they’ve only played “DGAF” live, but a studio version should be on the new album. As of December, its music video was planned and coming together.

In March, Tyson shared snippets of three songs they recorded in Januarylyrics to a new track, and then one more song preview in March. One of those songs previewed “Sweat,” but all the videos have been taken down.

On July 7th, fans will finally get to hear “Sweat” and “Close Your Eyes,” with the album expected out this fall. While we wait for July to arrive, enjoy the Rejects’ latest song, “There’s A Place,” from the film Miss You Already. Look for Tyson in it!

Stay up-to-date on all the band’s album updates here. Keep checking back here for all the latest All-American Reject music news.

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