Green Day Releases New Otis Remix Of Trilogy Track, “Fell For You”

Five years ago, Green Day announced their ambitious plan to release a trilogy of albums. The first, ¡Uno!, came out in September 2012. Between singles likes “Oh Love,” “Kill The DJ,” and “Let Yourself Go,” a semi-overlooked track was the sweet love song, “Fell For You.” Today, a half decade after the trilogy got started, Green Day has shared a brand new version of the song. Based on the “Otis Mix” name, it’s safe to say that they remixed it in their newly built Otis studio, where they recorded their more recent record, Revolution Radio.

The new Otis mix of “Fell For You” isn’t vastly different from the original trilogy mix. The vocals are the same, apart from some newly added effects. The drums, however, are noticeably cleaner, and they’ve added some guitar layers to the mix. The sound is a bit fuller and richer, but the song is as sweet as it always was.

Listen to the new version of “Fell For You” below:

This is the third version of “Fell For You” Green Day has released. Besides this new Otis mix and the original ¡Uno! recording, the band also shared its demo on their 2014 compilation, Demolicious.

The trilogy was undeservedly unpopular upon its release – though we love it here at Hidden Jams. It’s exciting to hear more from the trilogy, even after all these years and a new studio album (not to mention some films, documentaries, and an induction into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame). Is “Fell For You” just the start? Will Green Day release more remixes of the trilogy songs? Or perhaps they’ll dig into their other albums, too? Let us know what other Green Day songs you’d like to hear remixed!

Last year, Green Day recorded their new album at their Otis studio. They released Revolution Radio last October. As the name suggests, the album marked a return to their political and social awareness. With songs like “Troubled Times” and its title track, there’s no guessing how Green Day feels about the state of the world (or at least the US) today. The album launched the singles “Bang Bang,” “Still Breathing,” and “Revolution Radio.”

Green Day is currently touring North America in support of Revolution Radio. They already played in Seattle and Portland, and California is up next. Check out dates and tickets before it’s too late.

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