Neon Trees Makes You “Feel Good” With New Single & Music Video

Two weeks ago, Neon Trees shared their uplifting new single “Feel Good,” from their upcoming fourth album. It’s their first new song since “Songs I Can’t Listen To” in 2015, and the first taste of the new era. Frontman Tyler Glenn wrote “Feel Good” earlier this year. He stated:

I wrote this song early this year when I was struggling to get out of bed. I didn’t know what I believed in and I felt like the world was coming apart. As I always do, I turn to music to express the chaos.

“Feel Good” may sound like a bright bolt of happiness, but its foundation came from anxiety, loneliness, and fear. I wasn’t going to let those emotions swallow me up.

Last year, I met someone that made me feel so good, and maybe this song is also him. He’s not really in my life anymore, but that doesn’t mean I’m not grateful he helped inspire the joy inside of me to write this song. To him, thank you.

The music video brings the vibrant song to life. What starts out as a casual summer retreat quickly turns into a poolside dance party. Bursts of color and kaleidoscopes of dancers match the energy of the song, ensuring you feel good even after the last notes fade away.

Watch the music video for “Feel Good” below:

Neon Trees has not yet announced their anticipated fourth album. It will likely come out later this year. The album will serve as the followup to their 2014 record, Pop Psychology. “Feel Good” is just our first taste, but it promises more great music to come!

Keep checking back here for all the latest Neon Trees music news.

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