Kelly Clarkson Announces New Single “Love So Soft” Out September 7th

Kelly Clarkson is back! After a full year of recording, Kelly’s upcoming soul pop album with Atlantic Records will be out within just a few months. Kicking off the era, Kelly just shared a snippet of her upcoming single “Love So Soft,” out on September 7th. The footage may be a few years old (“Piece By Piece” music video?), and that heartbeat will be familiar if you saw the “Heartbeat Song” teaser, but the soulful vocals are brand new. Check out the “Love So Soft” snippet below:


Update 9/4: Title confirmed! “Love So Soft” comes out this Thursday


Update 9/5: Hear a bit of a cappella studio time as Kelly sings “Love So Soft”:


You can hear a bit of “Love So Soft” in a video Kelly shared last April:

Kelly finished recording the album in June. We know Kelly worked with songwriters and producers like Jason Halbert, Ali Tamposi, Diztortion, J.R. Rotem, The Monarch production team, Claude Kelly, Sebastian Kole, and more. We also learned a new song title – “It Matters To Me” – which could be on the album. It’s just a matter of days before we hear the new single and find out more about the album.

Can’t wait for some new Kelly tunes? Listen to a couple of leaked country demoes, presumably recorded around the same time as “Tie It Up” in 2013. Kelly will also be releasing a new Christmas-themed River Rose children’s book next month, along with a new original song, “Christmas Eve.”

Catch up on all we know about Kelly’s upcoming album, and keep checking back here for all the latest Kelly Clarkson music news. “Love So Soft” will be here this Thursday, September 7th.

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