Green Day Continues ‘Revolution Radio’ With “Too Dumb To Die” Lyric Video

Green Day has had a big year with their politically charged album, Revolution Radio. It’s offered us singles “Bang Bang,” “Still Breathing,” and the title track so far, in addition to lyric video for numerous album tracks. The lyric video barrage continues today with a clip for their song “Too Dumb To Die.”

The song explodes into an energetic anthem after a forlorn intro. Billie Joe Armstrong ruminates on his youth in contrast to where he’s ended up now. The lyric video brings those images to life. “Too Dumb To Die” offers a collage of settings and words as bobblehead versions of the three band members perform their parts. The video is as fun as the song is.

Watch “Too Dumb To Die” below:

Green Day released their most recent album, Revolution Radio, last October. So far it has launched three official singles, including “Bang Bang,” “Still Breathing,” and the title track. Earlier this summer, Billie Joe revealed that the band will film a music video for “Forever Now” soon. They’ll work with Sam Bayer, the director behind their American Idiot singles.

More cinematically generous than ever, the band has also shared eight lyric videos, starting with gritty animated “Bang Bang,” “Revolution Radio,” and “Still Breathing” clips. After the album’s release, the fun “Youngblood,” somber “Ordinary World,” and rollicking “Say Goodbye” followed suite. Green Day kicked off 2017 with a pointed jab at Donald Trump in “Troubled Times,” and now “Too Dumb To Die” is the latest offering. The only songs yet to receive lyric videos are “Somewhere Now,” “Outlaws,” “Bouncing Off The Wall,” and “Forever Now.” Which one do you think will get the lyric video treatment next?

You can buy Revolution Radio on iTunes or Green Day’s official website now, or stream it on Spotify. Speaking of Spotify, you can see a four-part documentary of the band’s early years on Spotify, too. If you want a closer look at the Bay area punk scene Green Day sprang from, be sure to watch their new documentary, Turn It Around: The Story Of East Bay Punk. Green Day is currently touring North America. Be sure to check out dates and tickets before it’s too late.

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