More Kelly Clarkson Songs Leak: “It Doesn’t Really Matter Anymore” & “Searching”

There’s been a flurry of Kelly Clarkson news lately. Her new album Meaning Of Life is coming out next month, and she just released her new songs “Love So Soft” and “Move You” last week. She also performed some new songs live (see “Whole Lotta Woman”) and described a bunch of the soulful new tracks. But if all that new music isn’t enough, you’re in luck. Two more Kelly Clarkson songs just leaked. They’re not from Meaning Of Life, so don’t worry about ruining the new album. “It Doesn’t Really Matter Anymore” and “Searching” both come from earlier in Kelly’s career.

Yesterday, “It Doesn’t Really Matter Anymore” leaked in full. (A snippet of it leaked a few months ago.) Kelly co-wrote the song with Tommy Lee James and Stuart John Crichton, though when is more of a mystery. Our guess is that it comes from 2008, around the time of Kelly’s early All I Ever Wanted demoes and her recordings of “Empty Handed” and “After The Love.” Check it out below:

Today we got an even older Kelly demo, this time hailing from her Thankful days. We don’t have info on who wrote “Searching,” but the lyrics fit Kelly’s narrative perfectly. Hear the old demo below:

Just last month, two country demoes leaked. “Feel It Coming On” and “Soap & Water” were most likely recorded in 2013, around the same time as “Tie It Up.” A year ago, three Stronger era songs leaked as well: “One More Yesterday” with Daughtry, “Break The Silence,” and “We Own The Night” (later recorded by Selena Gomez).

Meanwhile, Kelly has a brand new album coming out next month! You can pre-order Meaning Of Life now and get instant downloads of both of Kelly’s new songs. You may want to check out the physical bundles Kelly offers at her official site. “Love So Soft” and “Move You” are also both available on Spotify.

Meaning Of Life comes out on October 27th. It will include 14 tracks in total. The tracklist has not yet been revealed, but we do know 11 of the songs so far. What are the other three songs? We may hear “A Woman’s Touch” or “It Matters To Me,” or the song Kelly wrote about Big Little Lies. Or perhaps we’ll get entirely new titles. We’ll know soon enough!

Catch up on all we know about Meaning Of Life, and keep checking back here for all the latest Kelly Clarkson music news.

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