Watch Lana Del Rey’s Retro Futuristic Music Video For “White Mustang”

Earlier this summer, Lana Del Rey released her excellent new album, Lust For Life. The record has already launched a few singles, including “Love” and “Lust For Life” featuring The Weeknd. Fans got to hear plenty of teasers and full songs as the release date drew closer. “Coachella – Woodstock In My Mind,” a live version of “Cherry,” and two tracks with A$AP Rocky – “Summer Bummer” and “Groupie Love” – showed the different moods of the album. One of the gentler sneak peeks was for the track “White Mustang.”

Lana has been teasing a music video for “White Mustang” for weeks. Today, we finally get to see the retro futuristic video. Lana and her onscreen boyfriend look decades removed from today, though whether that’s forwards or backwards in time is less clear. They look on brink of a breakup, and though they act sweet in public, the boyfriend seems more invested in his music than in Lana. They drive separately to a late-night meeting place. And although they dance, it’s their final goodbye. The song ends, yet the video continues on for another two minutes.

Watch the video for “White Mustang” below:

Fans speculate that the video footage used for “White Mustang” was actually meant for an unreleased song called “Architecture” (also known as “Best American Record”). Those who’ve heard the Lust For Life leftover find that the video fits with that song perfectly. The timing also matches up much more closely.

Be sure to check out Lana’s full Lust For Life album. It’s got a generous tracklisting – 16 songs in total – and is her most diverse record yet. It’s available on iTunes and Spotify now.

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