Hoobastank Performs Two New Songs: “True Believer” & “Don’t Look Away”

Late last year, Hoobastank officially began recording their sixth album, the followup to 2012’s Fight Or Flight. They shared plenty of studio photos and videos as they recorded from October into December, and they confirmed that their new album will be out sometime in 2017. Hoobastank officially finished recording in January, and were mixing in February. In March they worked on one last “tasty” song, and it was only a matter of time before fans got to hear some of the new tunes. Finally, Hoobastank treated fans in Japan to the premiere of two brand new songs! At concerts last week, Hoobastank debuted “True Believer” and “Don’t Look Away” live.

“True Believer” is an energetic song with a punchy chorus. The vocals are hard to make out in the recording below, but while some lyrics elude us, you can hear frontman Doug Robb beginning the verses with  falsetto. It sounds like a great song that will set the tone on Hoobastank’s upcoming album. Check out this performance from their September 20th concert in Tokyo:

Hoobastank then performed “Don’t Look Away” for their eager audience. Doug told them it’s a “good song to dance to,” and its slinky groove and falsetto chants certainly support his claim. He sings lower in the verses, but brings in some falsetto on the choruses. He describes being “just another version of the person that I want you to see.” Hear the song’s live performance below:


The two new songs a great first taste of the upcoming album. They promised it will be out in 2017, though they still haven’t confirmed a release date. This late in the year, it might be pushed back until 2018.

Hoobastank has been hard at work on the album this summer, despite being mostly finished at the beginning of this year. In August and earlier this month, Hoobastank was back in the studio again:






Hoobastank first started writing and demoing new songs way back in 2014, and by spring 2015, frontman Doug Robb revealed that they had 30 songs written and demoed, more than they’d ever had for an album before. He also mentioned two new song titles! In summer 2015, he announced that they were ready to find a producer and officially record the album, and he later predicted that we’d have the new album in summer 2016. There most recent promise to have it out in 2017 is looking uncertain at this point, but now that they’re done recording, by the first half of 2018 we’ll certainly have our album!

Enjoy the two new live recordings of “True Believer” and “Don’t Look Away” as we await more news. Stay up-to-date on the new album over on our recording page. Keep checking back here for all the latest Hoobastank music news.

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2 thoughts on “Hoobastank Performs Two New Songs: “True Believer” & “Don’t Look Away”

  • December 12, 2017 at 7:00 pm

    That’s interesting. I’m curious to see if they being with Napalm will make even more difference in their sound, since they really grew from the time The Reason was a hit…Am I crazy if I say I sense some of the kind of spice Queens of The Stone age


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