Avril Lavigne Wrote 2 New Songs With Lauren Christy: “It Was In Me” & “Lucky One’s”

Avril Lavigne has been busy recording her upcoming sixth album for most of 2017. After teasing songs like “Warrior” and “Crush” earlier this year, we now know of two official song titles registered on Harry Fox Agency. “It Was In Me” and “Lucky One’s” [sic] are both new songs that will likely appear on Avril’s forthcoming album. Both were co-written by Lauren Christy.

Avril wrote “It Was In Me” with only Lauren Christy. For many fans, that name will sound familiar: Lauren was one third of The Matrix, the writing team that co-wrote most of the songs on Avril’s first album, Let Go. (The other two members were Graham Edwards and Scott Spock.) Lauren had a hand in writing “Complicated,” “Sk8er Boi,” “I’m With You,” “Anything But Ordinary,” and “Things I’ll Never Say.”

This is the first time Avril and Lauren have co-written a song without the rest of The Matrix. It’s also the first time they’ve worked together since 2002.

Avril Lavigne - It Was In Me - HFA

Avril and Lauren also co-wrote “Lucky One’s,” along with JR Rotem, Jason Evigan, and Isley Juber. Throughout August, Avril and producer/songwriter JR Rotem worked together on her new music. They did at least four songs together with drummer Kenny Aronoff.

Avril Lavigne - Lucky One's - HFA

This Instagram post makes a lot more sense now:



Based on all the studio updates Avril has shared recently, it looks like Avril is close to finishing the album. She recorded vocals in August, most likely on songs that are otherwise finished now. Vocals are the last part to be recorded, and those tracks may be mixed and mastered by now. However, she also has at least four new songs in the works as of late August. Zane Carney and Kenny Aronoff recorded guitars and drums, and  the tracks would still need her vocals and possibly other arrangements.

Avril shared a note promising new music “before you know it,” but it didn’t specify if it will be out this year. The album could still come this November or December, but this late in the year, a 2018 release may be more likely. Either way, Avril’s fans have been patient and understanding, and she promises to release her best music yet. Whenever the album comes out, it looks like fans will be in for a treat!

As Avril told Billboard in her BMG announcement last March, she’s been pushing herself as a songwriter. She has at least one song in mind that may be the lead single. It tackles her battle with Lyme disease that has kept her out of the spotlight the last few years.

Avril’s last album, Avril Lavigne, came out nearly four years ago in November 2013. It was an eclectic mix, giving us masterpieces like “Give You What You Like” as well as unexpected (and polarizing) tracks like “Hello Kitty.”

Since then, Avril stepped out of the spotlight as she battled Lyme disease. She recorded a few new songs with other artists, including tracks with Nick Carter and Japanese band ONE OK ROCK. Our newest song from Avril is “Wings Clipped,” a collaboration with Grey and Anthony Green. It just came out last weekend.

Now that new songs are being registered, it won’t be too long before we get to hear some new solo music. Catch up on all we know about the new record so far. Keep checking back here for more on Avril’s new music.

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