10 New Natasha Bedingfield Songs Registered

Special thanks to Harrison Fisher for submitting the news of “Cool” and “Stop Loving You” to us! 

2017 has been the best year for new Natasha Bedingfield music in a long time. This year has already given us three new Natasha songs, and next month, we’ll get a fourth. Her last album, Strip Me, came out seven years ago, and though Natasha has been actively writing and recording since at least 2012, a new album still eludes us. Luckily, if the ten newly registered song titles are anything to go by, we may get that long-awaited record yet.

Since we last checked in March of this year, ten new songs have appeared on ASCAP and BMI. We were first tipped of earlier this week about two songs, “Cool” and “Stop Loving You,” courtesy of Harrison Fisher. Upon further investigation, we discovered eight additional titles that seem to be new.

Of the ten songs, only the first two list Natasha as a performer. She co-wrote nine of them, only missing songwriting credit on “Cupid.”

“Stop Loving You” includes Shahid Khan – better know by his stage name, Naughty Boy – as a songwriter. He may release the song on his upcoming sophomore album.


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  1. “Cool”
  2. “Cupid”
  3. “Electric Love”
  4. “Incompatible”
  5. “Nothing Ever Happened”
  6. “PDA”
  7. “Satisfied”
  8. “Stop Loving You”
  9. “Unafraid”
  10. “Undo”

Besides these ten newly registered songs, eighteen other new songs appeared on ASCAP earlier this year. Given this surge in song registration, is a new album finally around the corner? Although these songs have only just now appeared in public registration, keep in mind that they are not necessarily new. Sometimes songs are months or years after they were composed or recorded. And even in the case of brand new songs, they may not see the light of day. With any luck, most of these will eventually appear on an album or be released in some other way.

So far, Natasha has released three new songs in 2017. She sings on the upbeat “Let Go,” released in collaboration with Nestea. She also recored “More Of Me” for a Disney series based on their film, Tangled. Natasha co-wrote her single with Art House, “Love Feels Like”; she promised a music video for the ballad months ago, but we have yet to see it. Next month, we’ll get our fourth Natasha song with “Hey Boy,” which appears on the compilation, Served Like A Girl.

It’s been seven years since Natasha released her last album, Strip Me. Despite promises of an album back in 2013 and 2014, she has kept mum about any full-length release since. With any luck, we may finally get a new album next year. Otherwise, at least we have the odd song here and there to enjoy.

Catch up on all we know about Natasha’s forthcoming music, and keep checking back here for all the latest news.

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