Green Day Announces New Greatest Hits Compilation, ‘God’s Favorite Band’

Only a year after gracing us with Revolution Radio, Green Day is already back with a new release! The counterpart to their 2001 singles compilation, Green Day is launching a second greatest hits album, God’s Favorite Band. Rather than picking up where International Superhits! left off, God’s Favorite Band joins “old” Green Day with “new,” offering singles spanning their full career. It will be released on November 17th.

Hardcore fans may notice that the compilation title is taken from a Tré Cool quote found in the band’s 2005 Bullet In A Bible live DVD. The hilariously religious compilation will include 22 songs. The only new material here is an updated version of their song “Ordinary World,” now featuring country singer Miranda Lambert, and a new song called “Back In The USA.”


Check out the full tracklisting for Greatest Hits: God’s Favorite Band below. The first song comes from Green Day’s 1992 independent record, Kerplunk! Tracks 2-6 hail from 1994’s Dookie, and we get one song from Insomniac, two from Nimrod, and two from Warning. Songs 12-15 come from 2004’s American Idiot, followed by two tracks from 21st Century Breakdown, one from ¡Uno!, and two from Revolution Radio.

  1. “2,000 Light Years Away”
  2. “Longview”
  3. “Welcome To Paradise”
  4. “Basket Case”
  5. “When I Come Around”
  6. “She”
  7. “Brain Stew”
  8. “Hitchin’ A Ride”
  9. “Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life)”
  10. “Minority”
  11. “Warning”
  12. “American Idiot”
  13. “Holiday”
  14. “Boulevard Of Broken Dreams”
  15. “Wake Me Up When September Ends”
  16. “Know Your Enemy”
  17. “21 Guns”
  18. “Oh Love”
  19. “Bang Bang”
  20. “Still Breathing”
  21. “Ordinary World” (feat. Miranda Lambert)
  22. “Back In The USA”

You can pre-order Greatest Hits: God’s Favorite Band on Green Day’s official store now. They’re offering various CD and vinyl bundles, complete with shirts, hoodies, and prayer candles.

Green Day released their most recent album, Revolution Radio, last October. It launched three official singles, including “Bang Bang,” “Still Breathing,” and the title track. Earlier this summer, Billie Joe stated that the band would film a music video for “Forever Now,” but with this greatest hits announcement, it seems that plan was scrapped.

More cinematically generous than ever, the band also shared eight lyric videos, starting with gritty animated “Bang Bang,” “Revolution Radio,” and “Still Breathing” clips. After the album’s release, the fun “Youngblood,” somber “Ordinary World,” and rollicking “Say Goodbye” followed suite. Green Day kicked off 2017 with a pointed jab at Donald Trump in “Troubled Times,” and ended with “Too Dumb To Die” last month.

For even more Green Day, you can see a four-part documentary of the band’s early years on Spotify, too. If you want a closer look at the Bay area punk scene Green Day sprang from, be sure to watch their new documentary, Turn It Around: The Story Of East Bay Punk.

Greatest Hits: God’s Favorite Band will be out on November 17th. A new music video for either “Ordinary World” or “Back In The USA” will be out before then too. Keep checking back here for all the latest Green Day news.

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