Kelly Clarkson Brings Holiday Cheer On New Song, “Christmas Eve”

A year after releasing her first children’s book, Kelly Clarkson is back with her followup story, River Rose and the Magical Christmas. The book, out next Tuesday, comes with an original new song that fits with the festive theme. “Christmas Eve” is pure holiday gold, and continues the sound perfected on Kelly’s 2013 Christmas album, Wrapped In Red.

“Christmas Eve” starts with a classic holiday sound of horns and jingles. The jubilant chorus launches as Kelly sings about waiting all year for her favorite holiday. A short, cascading verse follows, but it isn’t long before we return to the cheer of the chorus. The song becomes fairly repetitive, yet its festive mood is enough to keep it engaging throughout. Musically, it would have fit right in on Wrapped In Red.

Listen to “Christmas Eve” below:

The song appears in conjunction with Kelly’s new children’s book, River Rose and the Magical Christmas. You can order the book online now, or look for it in stores on October 24th. You can also pick up the first book in the series, River Rose and the Magical Lullaby.

Stream “Christmas Eve” on Spotify now, or download it from iTunes. Looking for more Christmas tunes for your holiday playlist? Check out some of Kelly’s 2013 songs:

In other music news, Kelly Clarkson is preparing to release a brand new album just next week. Her soulful new record, Meaning Of Life, will be out on October 27th. You can hear her single “Love So Soft” now, along with a ballad called “Move You”. Kelly also just shared the album’s title track, thought to be her next single.

You can pre-order Meaning Of Life now and get instant downloads of all three of Kelly’s new songs. You may also want to check out the physical bundles Kelly offers at her official site. The new album comes out on October 27th. Catch up on all we know about the forthcoming music, and keep checking back here for all the latest Kelly Clarkson music news.

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