Muse Shares Studio Updates As They Begin Album #8

Last spring, Muse gave fan an early taste of their upcoming eighth album with their single, “Dig Down”. Although it was one of only a few songs they’d started at the time, they were excited to allow fans to hear music nearly in real time. With plans to release the upcoming album in 2018, Muse has officially entered the studio this month. In the past week, the band has shared tons of behind-the-scenes updates as they begin recording the new album.

Muse is working with producer Rich Costey on album #8. See the early sneak peeks below:











Along with guitars, bass, and drums, every good song needs some fairy dust, too! Song titles still elude us, but from those last two shots, it’s clear Muse is making progress rapidly!

Album #8 will serve as the followup to Muse’s 2015 record, Drones. While that album was very cohesive, heavier, and closer to the band’s roots, the next album will offer something different. Although it will be cohesive and focus on a central theme, they are also planning to make it more diverse musically and in terms of production, much like The 2nd Law was.

Last November, Muse hinted that the new album may be more stripped down and acoustic… or hip-hop. While the album won’t be ready until sometime next year, Muse have suggested that they’ll put out more songs during the wait. Following “Dig Down,” fans can look forward to a few more tracks ahead of the album.

We should also get Origin Of Muse, a reissue of the band’s first two albums, in the coming months. Though it was originally planned to be released this fall, it may not come out until 2018.

Muse is still in the early stages of recording, and likely have a few more months of studio time left. It’s great to have so many behind-the-scenes images to enjoy while we wait for the new music. Catch up on all we know about the new music, and keep checking back here for all the latest on Muse’s new album.

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