Muse’s Matt Bellamy Promises More New Music Early In 2018

Earlier this year, Muse kicked off album #8 with their single, “Dig Down.” The band say the upcoming record will be diverse, and though “Dig Down” has a “Madness” vibe, other songs may be more stripped down, or hip-hop, or heavy. It will be a mixed bag, much in the way The 2nd Law was eclectic. In October, Muse entered the studio with Rich Costey as producer.

Now, frontman Matt Bellamy is revealing more about the upcoming music. First up, we can expect to hear a song called “Thought Contagion” in early February! Matt describes it as sounding heavy and similar to their Absolution b-side, “Fury.”

In a new interview with KROQ yesterday, Matt described “Thought Contagion” as “rocking” and “heavy.” He also confirmed it will be out in January or February. They plan to release a few more singles after that before dropping the full album later in the year.

In addition to the new album, fans may also recall that Muse is planning a re-release of their first two albums. Unfortunately, Matt states that Origin Of Muse has been delayed one or two years. Perhaps we can expect it in 2019?

Muse is hard at work on their upcoming 8th studio album. A new single, “Thought Contagion,” is already on the horizon, with additional singles to follow. While we await the new song in February, keep enjoying “Dig Down.”

Catch up on all we know about the new music, and keep checking back here for all the latest on Muse’s new album.


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