Fall Out Boy Shares Infomercial-Styled Video For “Wilson (Expensive Mistakes)”

Last autumn, Fall Out Boy performed an exclusive new song throughout their North American tour. Until now, “Wilson (Expensive Mistakes)” has only existed as a live recording. Today, fans don’t only get the studio version of the song; we also get a new music video!

The band took a silly route for this video, creating something that looks more like an infomercial than anything else. What is Fall Out Boy selling? Lifelike versions of themselves, of course. For just a few hundred dollars, you can have your own Patrick, Pete, Joe, or Andy. Those of you who call the phone number on the screen will be in for a sweet surprise, too.

The music video references various moments in Fall Out Boy’s history. Whether it’s the album cover for Infinity On High or the hand Patrick lost in their Young Blood Chronicles, there’s plenty for fans to look out for.

Watch the lighthearted music video for “Wilson (Expensive Mistakes)” below:

Fall Out Boy’s upcoming album, M A N I A, will finally be out next week. Though originally scheduled for release last September, the band delayed it by four months. They made up for the extra wait with plenty of singles and music videos, though. After lead “Young And Menace” last April, we’ve also gotten videos for “Champion,” “The Last Of The Real Ones,” and “HOLD ME TIGHT OR DON’T.” “Wilson (Expensive Mistakes)” is our fifth single, and the album is still a week away.

Stream the new single on Spotify now. You can also get an instant download of it – and the previous four singles – if you preorder the album on iTunes or from Fall Out Boy’s official site. Look out for M A N I A on January 19th – we’re counting down the days on two hands now! While we await its release, catch up on all we know about M A N I A so far. Keep checking back here for all the latest Fall Out Boy music news.

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