The Weeknd & Kendrick Lamar Team Up On “Pray For Me” From ‘Black Panther’ Soundtrack

The brand new film Black Panther is just about to be released, and it’s already getting a ton of buzz. It may become the biggest film of the year, and it likewise may have the best soundtrack of the year. Helmed by Kendrick Lamar, the soundtrack will come out next Friday, a week before the film itself. Following “All The Stars” and “King’s Dead,” the third single from the Black Panther soundtrack is “Pray For Me,” featuring The Weeknd. He and Kendrick previously collaborated on The Weeknd’s 2016 Starboy track, “Sidewalks.”

“Pray For Me” instantly grabs your attention with its ominous mood and oddly jaunty beat. The Weeknd starts if off with a sober verse with echoed vocals. He announces that he’s ready for a war again, but asks, “Who’s going to save me from myself when this life is all I know?” The verse grows into an energetic, moving chorus. The Weeknd references his own Starboy song “Die For You” throughout. Kendrick Lamar then takes over for the second verse, asking “Who need a hero?” before directing you to “Look in the mirror.” The world has its problems, but its time to find your own power and strength. After another chorus, The Weeknd and Kendrick duet on the outro, affirming that they live by their own law.

It’s a powerful song. Listen to “Pray For Me” below:

You can pre-order the Black Panther soundtrack album now to get an instant download of “Pray For Me” and the previous two singles. You can also stream the song on Spotify. Check out “All The Stars” and “King’s Dead,” too. Look out for the full Black Panther album next week on February 9th.

Black Panther the film just premiered in Los Angeles, and will be in theaters across the US on February 16th. Once it’s out, be sure to go see it!

Enjoy “Pray For Me,” and keep checking back here for all the latest music news.

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