Ed Sloan Drops Second Solo Single, “Alive”

Three months ago, Crossfade singer Ed Sloan shared his first solo single, “Surrender,” off his upcoming debut album without the band. Now fans get our second taste of his new sound with “Alive.” Whereas “Surrender” was more tender and presented a new direction, “Alive” has more of the energy Crossfade is known for. The song begins with the chorus and a gentle soundscape, diving into a past Ed is ready to let go of. It grows in power and urgency as it returns to the chorus, and that spirit hold throughout the rest of the song. “Alive” is uplifting, and although it continues in the new style that “Surrender” introduced, it also balances the intensity that attracted Crossfade’s fans.

Listen to “Alive” below:

You can buy “Alive” on iTunes or stream it on Spotify now.

About the new music, Ed stated:

I am really excited to get some new songs out there and see what people think of them and see if I can make a few new fans while I am at it. This is very different from Crossfade musically – but I think you will hear a lot of the same spirit lyrically in these songs as the ones you already know.

Longtime fans may wonder what’s happening with Crossfade these days. The band’s last album, We All Bleed, came out seven years ago. Although they were recording throughout 2014 and had planned to share new songs that summer, fans never heard anything from those sessions. Crossfade has been quiet the last few years, but Ed promises the band is still actively working on music. But for the time being, fans get to enjoy this new project. Ed explained:

As long as I am still writing songs, Crossfade will always be alive, but for now I have chosen a new path musically. Or you might say this new path has chosen me.

Enjoy “Alive” and “Surrender,” and get ready for Ed’s first solo album, expected later this year. Keep checking back here for all the latest music news.

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