Paramore Takes “Rose-Colored Boy” To Morning News In Amazing Music Video

After a weekend full of behind-the-scenes teasing, today Paramore released the music video for their latest single, “Rose-Colored Boy.” The song is a highlight on their new album, After Laughter. Suitably, the music video for “Rose-Colored Boy” is the best one yet from the new record.

The trio appear as news anchors on a morning television show – Wake Up! Roseville – circa 1980. The retro clip is wholesome: all smiles and corny jokes as they report on the wonderful news stories of the day. With their sunny weather and adorable pups, things couldn’t be better in Roseville. But as the video wears on, Hayley Williams begins to break down. Visions of her younger self question what she’s doing with her life. Her current job certainly doesn’t live up to her hard-hitting journalism goals. Finally, the anchors let loose as they channel their inner rockers on live television. The video is amazing, and the aesthetic perfectly matches the throwback sound of “Rose-Colored Boy.”

Check out the excellent video below:

Following videos for “Hard Times,” “Told You So,” and “Fake Happy,” this is the fourth music video we’ve gotten from After Laughter. With any luck, “Rose-Colored Boy” will become Paramore’s next big hit. They certainly deserve one this era!

You can buy After Laughter on iTunes or stream it on Spotify now. Meanwhile, Paramore is currently touring Australia and Asia. Check out dates and find tickets before it’s too late.

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