Kelly Clarkson Revisits Past In “I Don’t Think About You” Music Video

Last month, Kelly Clarkson confirmed “I Don’t Think About You” would serve as the next single from her soulful new album, Meaning Of Life. She’s already performed the big ballad on daytime and late night shows alike. Now, fans get to enjoy the song’s powerful new music video.

Though Kelly didn’t write the song, the writers who composed it had Kelly in mind after interviewing her about her experience with RCA, her label from 2002 through 2015. Kelly and RCA famously clashed throughout her career, often over her limited creative freedom. This single dives into their troubled working relationship and her newfound freedom now that Kelly has signed with Atlantic Records.

That story is one of many that appears in the new music video. In addition to music career struggles, the video depicts a young Kelly in the other life events that led to this song. Fans will notice references to “Because Of You” and the familial troubles that inspired that ballad. We also see rocky relationships with boyfriends that made Kelly the queen of breakup anthems. Look for video references, too: the bathtub scene from “Never Again,” the camera flashes from “Breakaway,” even the yellow canary from “Love So Soft.”

In the end, these past experiences made Kelly the woman she is today. The video reaches its moving climax as the younger Kelly ghosts climb the stairs to meet today’s soulful diva. She’s learned a lot along the way and is now stronger for it.

Watch the video for “I Don’t Think About You” below:

“I Don’t Think About You” is a powerful video that’s closely connected to Kelly’s musical and personal past. What other references can you find in the music video?

Last fall, Kelly released her 7th studio album, Meaning Of Life. It launched with lead single “Love So Soft,” as well as “Move You” and the title track. “I Don’t Think About You” is the second official single from the album. You can stream the song on Spotify or buy it on iTunes now.

Kelly is currently serving as a coach on The Voice. She’s expected to announce a tour in support of Meaning Of Life soon.

Enjoy the new music video, and keep checking back here for all the latest Kelly Clarkson news.

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