Hear “Never Say Die” From CHVRCHES’ Upcoming Album, ‘Love Is Dead’

Following “Get Out” and “My Enemy,” CHVRCHES just shared their third Love Is Dead single, “Never Say Die.” The album is still two months away, but the new song will make that wait a little more enjoyable.

“Never Say Die” starts with somber, gently pinging synths. Lauren Mayberry asks, “Wasn’t it gonna be fun and wasn’t it gonna be new? Wasn’t it gonna be different and wasn’t it gonna be true?” The song slowly builds up as she asks about all the unkept promises. It then explodes into a melodic pre-chorus, Lauren accusing, “All you want is to play at playing god.” That crashes into the repetitive chorus: “never ever ever ever, never ever ever say die” with its repeated refrain, “didn’t you say that?”

The new single combines elements of both the previous tracks, and the blend works perfectly here. It’s the best song we’ve heard from the new album so far.

Listen to “Never Say Die” below:

You can pre-order Love Is Dead from all the main music providers here. You’ll get an instant download of both “Get Out,” “My Enemy” featuring Matt Berninger of The National, and “Never Say Die.” Love Is Dead is due out on May 25th.

In just two months, we’ll get to hear the rest of Love Is Dead. While the first two singles represented different extremes of sound, “Never Say Die” bridges them together. The new album will be dynamic and diverse, yet still cohesive.

Enjoy the new song and keep checking back here for all the latest CHVRCHES music news. We’ll finally have Love Is Dead on May 25th.

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