Ghost Teases “New Blood” Ahead Of Fourth Album

Ghost is almost ready to release their still-unnamed fourth album! Beyond an upcoming Rats! On The Road tour scheduled for May and June, the band has now ignited new excitement the release of two teaser videos. The first clip features the eerie tune of “Ring A Ring O’ Roses” as the nameless ghouls search for Easter eggs. It promises only that “witching hour is almost here.”

The second teaser video is much longer, lasting over 3 minutes. It serves as Chapter One of a new series. Here, we see an ancient Papa Emeritus – accompanied by two ghoulish girls – meeting with Sister Imperator. He whips out a saxophone to prove his vitality, but alas, Sister Imperator deems him too old to continue. Ghost is in need of some new blood. Our next Papa Emeritus is upon us, just in time for the upcoming album. But the video ends on a cliffhanger: We’ll have to wait until Chapter Two to see our new Papa.

Watch the full episode below:

Early in February, Ghost frontman Tobias Forge (Papa Emeritus) gave a rare “unmasked” interview. He described the new album as being thematically heavy and set in medieval times. Suitably, a song called “Rats” chronicles the Black Death plague that took Europe by storm in the 1300s. (The choice of “Ring A Ring O’ Roses,” purportedly about the plague, makes sense in these teasers.) Fans can also expect to hear songs titled “Dance Macabre,” “Faith,” and “Life Eternal.”

At the time, Tobias predicted the album would be out this spring or summer. With the new teasers announcing new blood, we expect an official announcement – and first single – should come our way within another week or so. Exciting times are just around the corner!

Look out for more Ghost news coming your way soon. Keep checking back here for all the latest Ghost music info.

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