Billie Joe Armstrong Teases New Side Project, The Longshot

Green Day is famous for starting up new side projects between albums. Before American Idiot, they played as The Network. Before 21st Century Breakdown, they performed as Foxboro Hot Tubs. Lately, the band has been touring as The Coverups and playing varied covers of others’ music. Now, frontman Billie Joe Armstrong is teasing another new side project known as The Longshot.

Although Billie first posted about The Longshot on March 29th, the group has been active on Instagram since late February. Unfortunately, their account is locked and no longer visible to the public. According to their bio, The Longshot seems to be gearing up to release a full album “sooner or later… probably sooner.”

This week, Billie granted fans our fist taste of the new music. On April 4th, he shared these snippets:

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Gettin Loose! #thelongshot @longshot

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Everyone’s depressed … #thelongshot

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Today, he shared one more. This one seems to be called “Cult Hero.”

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#thelongshot #volume #culthero @longshot

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It’s exciting to hear new music from Billie Joe’s new band! The group includes four members, though it doesn’t look like Mike Dirnt or Tré Cool are involved. With any luck, we’ll hear some full songs – and the album – really soon.

Green Day has been busy these past few years. After releasing Revolution Radio in 2016, last November they launched their second greatest hits compilation, God’s Favorite Band. It included one new song, “Back In The USA.”

It will probably be at least a year before we get another Green Day record. For now, let’s enjoy Billie Joe’s new band. Stay tuned for more on The Longshot in the coming weeks.

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