Ghost Introduces Their Surprising New Leader, Cardinal Copia

After months in the studio, Ghost kicked off their teasing for album #4 last week. Following three incarnations of Papa Emeritus, their new video announced “new blood” to take his place. Today, Ghost introduces us to their unlikely new leader, Cardinal Copia. Chapter Two of the new video series picks up where the previous one left off: with Papa Emeritus 0 and Sister Imperator discussing Ghost’s future. Cardinal Copia then enters, boombox in hand, to awkwardly greet the pair. Is this really the new leader of Ghost?!

Sister Imperator points out that, although the bloodline has not been broken in innumerable generations, Papa Emeritus 0 is all out of progeny. Cardinal Copia, with his impressive resume as the second-most-awarded employee-of-the-month winner, is their most qualified candidate for the role. He looks a little silly, but let’s give him a chance.

Get acquainted with Cardinal Copia in the new teaser video below:

Ghost is almost ready to release their still-unnamed fourth album! Early in February, Ghost frontman Tobias Forge (Papa Emeritus) gave a rare “unmasked” interview. He described the new album as being thematically heavy and set in medieval times. A song called “Rats” chronicles the Black Death plague that took Europe by storm in the 1300s. Fans can also expect to hear songs titled “Dance Macabre,” “Faith,” and “Life Eternal.”

At the time, Tobias predicted the album would be out this spring or summer. With the new teasers announcing new blood in the form of Cardinal Copia, we expect an official announcement – and first single – should come our way within another week or so. Exciting times are just around the corner! North American fans can also enjoy the band live on their upcoming Rats! On The Road tour, scheduled for May and June.

Look out for new Ghost tunes coming your very way soon! And as always, keep checking back here for all the latest Ghost music news.

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