Ghost Unleashes “Rats,” First Single From Upcoming Album ‘Prequelle’

After weeks of teasing – not to mention introducing a new leader named Cardinal Copia – Ghost has finally announced their new album and released its lead single! The theatrical “Rats” is our first taste of Ghost’s upcoming fourth album, Prequelle, due out on June 1st. The album includes 10 new songs, while the deluxe edition comes with 2 more. Earlier this year, Tobias Forge (the frontman behind the mask of Papa Emeritus… and now Cardinal Copia) described the new album as being being thematically heavy and set in medieval times. During that interview, he also previewed new songs “Rats,” “Dance Macabre,” “Faith,” and “Life Eternal.”

See the full Prequelle tracklisting below:

  1. Ashes
  2. Rats
  3. Faith
  4. See The Light
  5. Miasma
  6. Dance Macabre
  7. Pro Memoria
  8. Witch Image
  9. Helvetesfonster
  10. Life Eternal
  11. It’s A Sin [deluxe edition bonus track]
  12. Avalanche [deluxe edition bonus track]

To kick of the album era, our first single is the energetic song called “Rats.” Tobias Forge previously explained that it chronicles the Black Death plague that took Europe by storm in the 1300s. Indeed, the song’s lyrics warn that “filthy rodents are still coming for your soul,” sung over an uptempo rocker complete with a guitar solo.

You may notice some theatrical elements throughout the song; those are brought to life in the new music video. Ghost’s new leader, Cardinal Copia, has some seriously sick dance moves. He twirls around like he’s in a Broadway musical (Cats, perhaps?), stepping over scurrying rodents before observing a late night, “Thriller”-inspired monster mash.

In spite of the medieval themes, the music video is actually set in modern times. Cardinal Copia starts off in rat-infested diner; he doesn’t seem all that impressed by the food. We then see him dancing around a murderous city scene, crashed cars and dead bodies strewn about as pest control men collect the rats. Bloody handprints further set the scene. Meanwhile, the nameless ghouls stick with their standard atmosphere, performing in dark graveyards and stately hallways.

Enjoy the music video for “Rats” below:

You can listen to “Rats” on Spotify or download it from iTunes now. You can also get it as an instant download when you pre-order the album on iTunes or Ghost’s official store. Fans might want to check out their zany album bundles, too!

With a new single out and Prequelle just around the corner, things are getting exciting in the Ghost world! North American fans can also enjoy the band live on their upcoming Rats! On The Road tour, scheduled for May and June.

Enjoy “Rats,” and get ready for the new album, out in less than two months! As always, keep checking back here for all the latest Ghost music news.

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