See CHVRCHES’ Post-Apocalyptic Music Video For “Miracle”

Over the last three months, CHVRCHES have slowly unveiled the new music from their upcoming album, Love Is Dead. While the album is still one month away, we have one more song to enjoy. Following “Get Out,” “My Enemy,” and “Never Say Die,” CHVRCHES shared “Miracle” two weeks ago. Today, the song gets the first proper music video of the Love Is Dead era.

“Miracle” builds on pulsing and keys as Lauren Mayberry professes, “Ask me no questions; I will tell you no lies.” She rises higher on the chorus, but by its final line, distortion skews her otherwise angelic timbre. Compared with CHVRCHES’ discography, “Miracle” comes off as more straightforward pop than indie synth, but it works well for the group.

The song’s video starts with Lauren shrouded in fog. She slowly walks forward, her bandmates Martin Doherty and Iain Cook on either side only for a moment. As she leaves them behind, the fog parts just enough to see what surrounds them: violent riots. The scuffle quickly escalates, trading punches for flashing explosions. Though Lauren starts as a bystander, she eventually gets pulled into the violence. Warren Fu directed the one-take video.

Watch the post-apocalyptic music video for “Miracle” below:

You can pre-order Love Is Dead from all the main music providers here. You’ll get an instant download of all four singles released so far: “Get Out,” “My Enemy” featuring Matt Berninger of The National, “Never Say Die,” and “Miracle.” Love Is Dead is due out on May 25th.

In just one month, we’ll get to hear the rest of Love Is Dead. The new album will be dynamic and diverse, yet still cohesive.

Enjoy the new music video for “Miracle,” and keep checking back here for all the latest CHVRCHES music news. We’ll finally have Love Is Dead in just one month on May 25th.

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