Florence + The Machine Shares “Hunger” Ahead Of New Album, ‘High As Hope’

Last month, Florence + The Machine shared a new track, “Sky Full Of Song.” Though it was originally just a Record Store Day single, it’s now confirmed to appear on the band’s just-announced fourth album, High As Hope. The album is due out June 29th, but fans also get to enjoy another new song today: “Hunger”!

“Hunger” is at once a reflection of a troubled past and a celebration of moving forward from it. How many can relate to the different “hungers” we have desperately tried to satisfy? Some attempt to solve their problems by starving themselves; some try to fill the void with drugs. As sad as the lyrics are, the music transforms the message into something powerful.

On Instagram, Florence shared a message about the story behind “Hunger”:

This song was never meant to be a song, it was a poem written in an effort to understand the ways I looked for love in things that were not love. I was never thinking it would be a song but maybe that’s the point. And by singing it out loud, together we become a choir, a chorus higher than the hurt, louder than loneliness. ⚡️

As with “Sky Full Of Hope,” the video for “Hunger” was directed by AG Rojas. In many ways, the new video serves as a continuation of the former. While Florence spent most of the previous clip lying on the floor, in “Hunger,” she begins by rising up. Instead of lying around, she dances and moves for the duration of the new video. The imagery of a flower growing from a hand reappears here, this time growing from a statuesque man. It’s a moving video, and it leaves room for more chapters. Will High As Hope unfold in a series of videos, the way How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful became The Odyssey? We can only (high as) hope!

Listen to the new song and watch the music video for “Hunger” below:

If that’s not all, get ready for Florence + The Machine’s upcoming album, High As Hope. Due out June 29th, the record will feature 10 new songs. Last month, Florence shared an image with lyrics from a poem entitled “New York”; it seems the album title comes from this. If it wasn’t worked into an album track, the poem may appear in Florence’s upcoming book of poetry, Useless Magic, due out July 5th.

Check out the full High As Hope tracklisting below:

  1. June
  2. Hunger
  3. South London Forever
  4. Big God
  5. Sky Full Of Song
  6. Grace
  7. Patricia
  8. 100 Years
  9. The End Of Love
  10. No Choir

You can stream “Hunger” on Spotify or download it from iTunes now. You can also pre-order High As Hope; check out all the digital and physical preorder options here.

Enjoy the two new singles as we count down the days until High As Hope is out. And in the meantime, keep checking back here for all the latest Florence + The Machine news.

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