The Longshot Releases 3 More EPs & An Exclusive New Single

On April 20th, Billie Joe Armstrong’s new band The Longshot released their debut album, Love Is For Losers. But if fans thought that was all they were getting, they had another surprise coming! The already-prolific band has just released an additional 12 songs in a mixture of singles and EPs. These songs were available on The Longshot’s official Soundcloud page, but they are now available to stream and purchase.

First up is a song called “Devil’s Kind.” Back in spring 2016, Billie Joe performed two new songs he’d written for his movie, Ordinary World (originally titled Geezer). One was fittingly titled “Ordinary World” – it later appeared on Green Day’s album Revolution Radio, and was reworked to feature Miranda Lambert on their 2017 greatest hits compilation, God’s Favorite Band. The other new song was “Devil’s Kind.” While the track did appear in the film, until now it was never available on music platforms.

Following this long-awaited single, The Longshot also released three EPs. Return To Sender features five songs, all of which are covers. Three originals and one cover appear on Razor Baby. Finally, Bullets includes two songs that Billie Joe wrote for a musical called These Paper Bullets in 2014. (For some more from These Paper Bullets, check out “Follow You Around,” performed by the musical cast.)

See the full tracklisting of each EP below:

Return To Sender

  1. So Sad About Us (The Who cover)
  2. Can’t Make It On Time (Ramones cover)
  3. As Tears Go By (Rolling Stones cover)
  4. A Million Miles Away (Plimsouls cover)
  5. I Am Rock (Paul Simon cover)

Razor Baby

  1. Fever Blister
  2. Razor Baby
  3. I’ve Got My Problems
  4. Southern Girls (Cheap Trick cover)


  1. Give It All To You (originally for These Paper Bullets musical)
  2. Keep Me Satisfied (originally for These Paper Bullets musical)

Be sure to check out these twelve additional songs from The Longshot. You can download Return To Sender, Razor Baby, and Bullets from iTunes now. “Devil’s Kind” is also available on both iTunes and Spotify.

Update: Those of you who prefer to stream can now find Return To Sender, Razor Baby, and Bullets on Spotify as well.

Fans need not worry about the fate of Green Day. Indeed, Green Day is famous for starting up new side projects between albums. Before American Idiot, they played as The Network. Before 21st Century Breakdown, they performed as Foxboro Hot Tubs. Lately, the band has been touring as The Coverups and playing varied covers of others’ music. And while Mike Dirnt and Tré Cool aren’t involved with the latest group, The Longshot, Billie Joe Armstrong has also long played with his side band Pinhead Gunpowder.

Green Day has kept busy these past few years. After releasing Revolution Radio in 2016, last November they launched their second greatest hits compilation, God’s Favorite Band. It included one new song, “Back In The USA.”

It will probably be at least a year before we get another Green Day record. For now, let’s enjoy Billie Joe’s new band. Enjoy the new album, EPs, and singles! And as always, keep checking back here for all the latest Longshot music news.

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