Andrew McMahon In The Wilderness Shares “Ohio” Lyric Video

One month ago, Andrew McMahon In The Wilderness debuted a brand new song, “Ohio,” during a show in Kansas City. Today, “Ohio” gets its official release and a lyric video. The piano-driven song about relocating from Ohio to California is nostalgic and moving. It paints a bittersweet image of driving across the country to a new home, and the feelings of regret and hope that come with it. The lyric video captures that feeling and those images, as its footage takes us through mountains and deserts, roads stretching endlessly ahead. It’s simple but effective in amplifying the song’s lyrics.

Andrew McMahon shared a detailed message about the inspiration behind “Ohio”:

I’ve been known to talk about the songs I’ve written. Sometimes I’m asked to and other times I just feel like talking. If I’m being completely honest though, I don’t feel so desperately inclined to speak about “Ohio.” What I can say is that this past thanksgiving, after four years, two records, and all the touring that went along with a full career reboot, I finally settled down long enough to get some perspective. The thought was I would take some time off, do an acoustic run in the spring and figure out what comes next when I returned. What happened was something altogether different and really kind of beautiful.

In the midst of living the closest thing to a normal home life I could imagine for myself, I began to write. Not for anything or anyone. There was no goal, no deadline, no story I was trying to tell. Just the hours in the day when Cecilia was off at school or everyone had gone to bed or whatever, that I felt like sitting in my little back house studio and making noises until they sounded like music. In the middle of it all this song appeared. I hadn’t intended to write it. It’s rare for me to dig so far into my memory, but in this case the call was not one that could go unanswered.

“Ohio” is about my family’s pilgrimage from a small town in Ohio to the coast of California. I call it a pilgrimage because that’s how it felt. At least that’s how I remember it. I suppose it’s one thing to run away but it’s another be pulled down the road by what feels like the hand of fate. But there I go again, talking about a song.

Watch the lyric video for “Ohio” below:

You can stream “Ohio” on Spotify or download it from iTunes now. It will likely be included on the upcoming third Andrew McMahon In The Wilderness album, due out later this year. The new album follows last year’s Zombies On Broadway.

Enjoy “Ohio” while we eagerly await more news about the next album. As always, keep checking back here for all the latest Andrew McMahon In The Wilderness news.

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