Muse Shares Live Acoustic Teaser Of New Single, “Something Human”

Following 2017’s “Dig Down” and, earlier this year, “Thought Contagion,” Muse is gearing up to release the third single from their upcoming album. We won’t get to hear “Something Human” until next week, but frontman Matt Bellamy decided to treat fans to a sneak preview. He performed a partial live acoustic version of “Something Human” just for us fans!

In the video, Matt reveals that “Something Human” was the first song he wrote after finishing the Drones tour* in support of their last album. He then launches into a lovely rendition of the song, featuring only his acoustic guitar as accompaniment. Anyone who loved gentle ballads like “Unintended” or “Falling Away With You” will adore the new song. It’s only the first verse and chorus, but it’s enough to leave fans excited for more. But, as Matt teases at the end, “you can hear the rest next week.”

Enjoy the preview of “Something Human” below:


*Speaking of the Drones tour, the exclusive, one-night-only cinema event showing a recording of the concert aired in theaters yesterday. Don’t worry if you missed it. You can see a full live video of “Psycho” below. There’s no word on a digital release of the concert film yet, but we’re confident it’ll be available for all fans soon enough.

The single releases for Muse’s next album have been particularly drawn out so far. “Dig Down” came out in May 2017, while the second single, “Thought Contagion,” didn’t come out until this February. Along with “Something Human,” all three songs will appear on Muse’s upcoming 8th studio album. The band has been busy recording for most of the last year. They predict the album will be out late this year or early in 2019.

Catch up on all we know about the new music, and keep checking back here for all the latest on Muse’s new album. Enjoy the live acoustic version of “Something Human” ahead of its official release next week!

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