Avril Lavigne Promises “Singles This Fall”

Earlier this week, Avril Lavigne shot the album cover for her highly anticipated new record. But when will we finally get to hear the new music? According to Avril, we’ll be getting “singles this fall”! The wait is almost over!

Of course, the way it’s written, it’s impossible to know whether Avril means we’ll get multiple singles this fall, or if she just means one single. Was that extra “s” a typo? Did she forget to use an apostrophe in “single’s”? Or does she truly mean we’ll get two or more singles ahead of the album? Last November, Avril stated in a Facebook Live that she was considering dropping two songs at once. Singers like Ed Sheeran, Kelly Clarkson, and Janelle Monáe have all done so successfully, so that’s entirely possible. As Avril previously mused:

 I feel like I’ll probably lead the album with a song that is very telling of what I’ve just gone through, so it would be more emotional. A ballad. Maybe I’ll come out with two songs at the same time. There’s an idea!

As it turns out, Avril’s news comes with a bit of confusion and speculation, but that just makes the wait more fun.

Avril didn’t make this a big announcement, either. In fact, this information is buried in the comments section of a new Instagram post picturing her with Shawn Mendes. Since comments are hard to search through, we have the photo here for your convenience:


What do you think the oddly cryptic “singles this fall” message means? Let us know your best guess! In any case, we’ll know in a few months!

The Long Road to Album #6

Avril’s sixth studio album has been a long labor of love. After releasing her self-titled fifth record in late 2013, she came down with Lyme disease the following spring, announcing it in 2015. Overcoming the illness inspired her new music. Though she officially began recording it in spring 2017, Avril began writing and demoing three years ago. And despite multiple predictions of finishing – first last November, then this February – it had looked like Avril finally wrapped the recording process in May. Though a recent post with songwriter Bonnie McKee does pose some doubts about whether the album is actually finished.

Avril has described her upcoming album as being more rock this time around, and worked on a few songs with Travis Clark of We The Kings. She’s also returning to her roots in some ways. As proof, she co-wrote two songs with Lauren Christy, the songwriter behind “I’m With You” and “Complicated.” Avril has also worked with producer J.R. Rotem. Some songs fans may hear on album #6 include “Lucky Ones,” “It Was In Me,” “Warrior,” and “Crush.”

In non-album news, Avril has kept busy in the last couple of years. She recorded a few new songs with other artists, including tracks with Japanese band ONE OK ROCK and new production duo Grey. In time for the winter holidays, she released a cover of “Baby It’s Cold Outside” with Jonny Blu last November. Avril also returned to her acting ambitions, voicing Snow White in the upcoming animated film, Charming. For the movie, Avril also joined Ashley Tisdale and G.E.M. to sing “Trophy Boy,” written by Fall Out Boy’s Patrick Stump.

Avril’s “next level” album will come later out this year via BMG RecordsCatch up on all we know about the new record so far, and keep checking back here for more on Avril’s new music.

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