P!nk Starts LGBTQ-Friendly Dance Party In Fun “Secrets” Music Video

Following the Beautiful Trauma singles “What About Us,” “Beautiful Trauma,” “Wild Hearts Can’t Be Broken,” and “Whatever You Want,” P!nk is ending the era with one final single and music video, this time for “Secrets,” a highlight on the album. “Secrets” is among the most upbeat songs on Beautiful Trauma, with a dizzying, tropical soundscape. Over the pop bliss, P!nk sings about the parts of ourselves that we hide each day. “Secrets” builds up to an excellent pre-chorus, asking that “we always speak the truth… ish,” before launching into an infectious chorus. P!nk is ready to reveal her truth, because she can’t hold it in any longer.

The “Secrets” music video complements the fun vibe as P!nk and an energetic posse find a suitably graffitied wall to dance in front of. It transforms into an LGBTQ anthem as men dance with men and women dance with women. P!nk herself gets close to a woman during the dance party. It’s a colorful, carefree video that’s as enjoyable as the song (read: very).

P!nk and the dancers filmed the music video in Perth, Australia while on tour earlier this month.

Watch the “Secrets” music video below:

“Secrets” is the fifth single from P!nk’s new album, Beautiful Trauma. It follows “What About Us,”“Beautiful Trauma,” “Wild Hearts Can’t Be Broken,” and “Whatever You Want.” You can buy Beautiful Trauma on iTunes or stream it on Spotify now to hear all of these songs and more.

P!nk is currently on tour in Australia and New Zealand until September. Check out dates and find tickets now before it’s too late!

Enjoy the new music video, and be sure to listen to the full Beautiful Trauma album. Keep checking back here for all the latest P!nk music news.

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