Andrew McMahon In The Wilderness Just Finished Third Album

After debuting a new song, “Ohio,” this spring, fans knew Andrew McMahon In The Wilderness was working on the next album. Today, that album is officially done! Recording, mixing, and mastering on record #3 are all finished, which means we’re super close to hearing the new album. With four more months to go, we could easily have it later this year!

Andrew McMahon has been working with Butch Walker on the new record. Butch has worked largely in the pop punk realm, producing for artists like Fall Out Boy, Avril Lavigne, Panic! At The Disco, and Pink.

Last month, Andrew announced that he had finished recording the third album:

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It almost doesn’t compute… I’m home for a summer and getting to lay by this fire reading Orwell. I’ve tried to turn my life at home into a practice. Wake up early, get breakfast and coffee going so Kelly can focus on getting Cecilia out the door for school. I write in the morning and break for some exercise. Write some more and then hang with the girls when C gets back from school. I’ve been trying to teach myself how to cook which has been a new form of meditation and creativity. Dinner is a grand experiment. I walk Doris, read, catch up on news, work some more if there’s a loose end that needs tending and sleep poorly, but somehow wake up energized. This practice began last year around thanksgiving and it lead to the creation of the new music I’ve just finished recording. It’s strange because I feel like I’ve learned something beautiful about my creativity this past year. Something the business of being a recording and touring artist can help you to forget. The more you write the more write. The closer I am to my piano and the simpler my life the greater shot I have at answering the call of my subconscious. It seems simple but somehow it’s hard to convince ones self to submit. I guess that’s why I call it a practice. In all honesty it works like this; practice, failure, forgiveness, submission, occasional success, repeat. Who knows if it can work like this forever. Perhaps it is fleeting, like most things in life. Still, sitting here with a book, my girls asleep not far from me and new words and sounds and scenery coming from every direction, it’s hard not to wish for this moment to last forever.

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Today, the mixing and mastering is complete and the album is officially done!


While we don’t have further details on the sound of the album or when it will come out, we do have some clues. Andrew already released “Ohio” as the lead single in May. It sounds less pop than the last album, more of a combination between Andrew McMahon In The Wilderness and Jack’s Mannequin. Lyrically, it’s a reminiscence on Andrew’s childhood pre-California. The new record may be a bit of a throwback if “Ohio” is anything to go by.

Album #3 also comes astonishingly soon after the second Wilderness record. Zombies On Broadway came out only last year. Its February 2017 release was preceded by the single “Fire Escape.” “So Close” and “Shot Out Of A Cannon” were the final two singles.

As we count down the days until we get album #3, enjoy “Ohio.” It’s available on Spotify and iTunes now. If you haven’t already, be sure to check out its latest video, featuring Lebron James, below. And as always, keep checking back here for all the latest Andrew McMahon In The Wilderness news.

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