Avril Lavigne Films Music Video For Upcoming First Single!

Last weekend, Avril Lavigne announced she was about to shoot the music video for her first single. Today, she officially began filming – and, of course, she included fans in the process! The music video’s director, Elliott Lester, was in Iceland last weekend filming footage that seems to be for the Avril Lavigne project. Avril wasn’t there, but some deleted Instagram posts showed a stunt double who looked uncannily similar to her.

Today, Avril was on set in Los Angeles shooting her parts in front of a green screen. Presumably the Iceland footage will appear behind her in the final video. Avril wears a long white dress and her hair and makeup are soft and mature. No raccoon eyes this time!





A deleted Instagram post shows more of what the music video will look like. Indeed, with the magic of the green screen, Avril appears on the Icelandic beach:

Avril Lavigne Music Video Green Screen

Update 8/23: Director Elliott Lester posted another picture from yesterday’s video shoot this morning. Avril then shared a new post from today, indicating that this is a multi-day video shoot!



Update 8/24: Late last night, Avril added new videos to her Instagram Stories “Video Shoot” highlights. In it, she and her hairstylist Lauren Bates talked about their long day onset, in which Avril’s hair had to repeatedly be redone. It got wet, then dried, then wet again multiple times. Apparently she’ll appear in the water at some point in the music video! This connects with the concept she used for her album cover – she shot it last month – in which she also appears in the water.


It’s exciting to be this close to hearing Avril’s long-awaited new music! The music video looks stunning already, and it’s clear they’re putting a lot of work into it. With scenery from Iceland and at least two more days of shooting in Los Angeles, this may be Avril’s most ambitious video yet. It’ll be fitting for her highly anticipated comeback. Within a few weeks, we’ll have more information about the upcoming album – and we’ll be hearing the single sometime in September!

The Long Road to Album #6

Avril’s sixth studio album has been a long labor of love. After releasing her self-titled fifth record in late 2013, she came down with Lyme disease the following spring, announcing it in 2015. Overcoming the illness inspired her new music. Though she officially began recording it in spring 2017, Avril began writing and demoing three years ago. And despite multiple predictions of finishing – first last November, then this February – it had looked like Avril finally wrapped the recording process in May. Though a recent post with songwriter Bonnie McKee posed some doubts about whether the album was actually finished.

Avril has described her upcoming album as being more rock this time around, and worked on a few songs with Travis Clark of We The Kings. She’s also returning to her roots in some ways. As proof, she co-wrote two songs with Lauren Christy, the songwriter behind “I’m With You” and “Complicated.” Avril has also worked with producer J.R. Rotem. Some songs fans may hear on album #6 include “Lucky Ones,” “It Was In Me,” “Warrior,” and “Crush.”

Avril’s “next level” album will come out later out this year via BMG RecordsCatch up on all we know about the new record so far, and keep checking back here for more on Avril’s new music. In just a few weeks, we’ll finally have a new song and music video to enjoy!

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