Gavin DeGraw Reveals Country Direction For Next Album

Gavin DeGraw is working on a new album. However, the new music might sound a little different than expected this time around. Gavin recently revealed that he’s moving in a more country direction. Indeed, he’s moving away from the polished pop sound of his last few albums, instead opting for something more raw. Gavin says he’s focusing on honest songwriting, traditional instruments, and an album-oriented style.

Going Country

In an interview with The Entertainer Magazine earlier this month, Gavin said:

Musically, [country is] more in line with what I’m doing, where my heart is as a musician. I’m not taking anything away from the hits I’ve had in other markets, at Hot AC or Top 40. I feel pretty fortunate.

But, country likes a songwriter. That’s where songwriting is celebrated. That’s where people like me thrive. As pop moves further toward the DJ world, I find myself drawn toward the country market. Country radio still sounds like songwriting and that’s who I identify with as a person.

In a new interview with Las Vegas Sun just published today, Gavin spoke more about how his next album will sound:

I think the next record will lean closer to the country market, only because we’re using real, live instruments. We’re writing a record more in the vein of a Bob Seger or Tom Petty or John Mellencamp or Bruce Springsteen. We’re trying to play that authentic bar-room, live-band type that inspired me to become a musician. I still feel like that’s popular music, it just doesn’t have to sound like pop to be pop. You just got to write great songs, songs people can relate to.

Everybody is downloading singles right now but I don’t care about singles. I care about albums. If all you got is one song, I’m not a fan. I want to hear an album. I’m a Billy Joel fan, he has albums. He takes you for a ride. Springsteen has albums, and Seger and Petty. That’s what I love.

Lyrical Inspiration

Gavin revealed a bit of his songwriting process, too. Does he wait for inspiration to strike, or does he adhere to daily work schedule? As Gavin explained:

It’s both. I do wait for lightning to strike but I spend just as much time walking around outside waving a golf club over my head in the pouring rain to get it to strike, if you know what I mean. I do my best to get some writing done every day.

Gavin also spoke about some of his recent lyrical inspiration, including the death of his mother. Last year, Gavin spoke about the “gospel” sounding songs he was writing in the aftermath of his mother’s passing. That tragedy is still influencing his current writing:

I had a loss in my family recently and I’ve been doing quite a bit of writing about it because it’s important to get that stuff out. Music has been helpful in my life that way. And I find the best stuff is the most personal stuff, the stuff people can relate to and that’s how as an artist you can connect with any audience.

Something Worth Saving

Gavin’s last album, Something Worth Saving, came out in September 2016. It launched the singles “She Sets The City On Fire” and “Making Love With The Radio On,” plus a live music video for the title track last September.

It’s only been two years since his last album, and Gavin will likely spend a few more months writing and recording. We may get his new album by the end of this year, but 2019 may be more likely. We already anticipated it to be very intimate, honest, and emotional – as some of his best music is. And, as we now know, it’ll have a slightly more country, singer-songwriter style.

Gavin let slip that he recently worked on a song with country singer Brett Young. He’s currently on a co-headlining tour with Phillip Phillips.

Get ready for a new sound from Gavin’s next album! Keep checking back here for all the latest Gavin DeGraw music news.

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