Lana Del Rey Drops New Single, “Mariners Apartment Complex”

Last week, Lana Del Rey hyped fans with a surprise announcement: She was planning to release two new “end of summer jams” the following week. Lana then shared a snippet of the first song, “Mariners Apartment Complex,” which she co-wrote with Jack Antonoff.

Today, fans get to hear “Mariners Apartment Complex” in full along with an intimate music video. The song captures a folksy, ’70s-styled simplicity, musically and melodically. The layers of piano, guitar, and strings create a lush sound, a backdrop to Lana’s confessional lyrics. After a sung verse, Lana speak-sings a stanza before diving into a mesmerizing chorus. “Mariners Apartment Complex” is a dreamy, loping song that grows better with each listen. The track is accompanied by a black-and-white video. Along with intimate shots of Lana holding a butterfly in a roadside park, the video is interspersed with swirling shots of the sea.

Watch the music video for “Mariners Apartment Complex” below:

You can stream “Mariners Apartment Complex” on Spotify or download it from iTunes nows.

In the coming days, Lana will also release a second new song. But that’s not all: These songs are part of a forthcoming full-length album! It’ll serve as the followup to her 2017 album, Lust For Life. Lana confirmed that the album was ready and will most likely be out early in 2019. She says there’s a surf element in the new songs, with inspiration coming from Red Hot Chili Peppers. We’re hoping the album will include songs like “Happiness Is A Butterfly,” “Yosemite,” and “Roses Bloom For You.”

On top of the new music, Lana has also been writing poetry. She plans to self-publish a book of poetry – unless, of course, a publisher agrees to take it on. Releasing books of poetry seems to be the newest trend among the indie pop/rock crowd. Florence Welsh of Florence + The Machine released her poetry book, Useless Magic, this summer around the time their album, High As Hope, came out.

Lana also spoke about the inspiration behind “Mariners Apartment Complex,” revealing she wrote it about a guy she was seeing. He felt a connection with her due to their shared sadness. The problem is, Lana isn’t that sad and there wasn’t much of a connection. It seems their relationship ended there, but we got a great song out of it!

Listen to the full interview below:

Enjoy “Mariners Apartment Complex,” and get ready for the second new song, coming soon! With an album and a book of poetry on the horizon, there will be plenty for Lana Del Rey fans to look forward to. As always, keep checking back here for all the latest music news.

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