Avril Lavigne Teases Clip Of Upcoming Single, “Head Above Water”

In just six days, Avril Lavigne will release the long-awaited lead single from her upcoming sixth album. Last week, she confirmed that “Head Above Water” will be available for all to hear on September 19th. Although Avril has already shot the music video and yesterday taped a live performance for Jimmy Kimmel, until now we’ve only heard lucky attendees’ reports that the song is amazing. Fortunately, today Avril shared a 30-second clip of “Head Above Water,” featuring visuals that will likely appear in a lyric video.

The song starts with a driving piano melody, a brief introduction before Avril chimes in. She sings:

I’ve gotta keep the calm before the storm
I don’t want less, I don’t want more
Must bar the windows and the doors
To keep me safe, to keep me warm

Avril’s voice is stronger and clearer than ever, a stunning showcase of her true vocal talent. The first and third lines are powerful and determined. In contrast, Avril sings the second and fourth lines softly, fragility belying the fear in her plea. The lyrics, too, already sound more poetic than her previous work. While it’s only a 30-second clip, it promises an incredible full song and leaves us longing to hear the next stanza.

Hear the 30-second clip of “Head Above Water” below:


In her song announcement last week, Avril revealed that “Head Above Water” was the first song she wrote for the album. She was bedridden due to her Lyme Disease, and she was in her mother’s arms when the lyrics first came to her. She eventually finished the song with Travis Clark (of We The Kings) and Stephan Moccio. In a 7-day video shoot, Avril filmed the music video last month.

Following “Head Above Water” on September 19th, Avril’s new album also expected later this year. It’s exciting to finally be this close to hearing Avril’s new music. With the passion and involvement she put into this record, we’re sure it will be her best yet. While we count down the days to hearing “Head Above Water,”  catch up on all that went into making this new album. Keep checking back here for all the latest Avril Lavigne music news. There will be plenty coming up in the next few months!

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