Lana Del Rey Shares Sprawling New Single, “Venice Bitch”

Following last week’s single, “Mariners Apartment Complex,” Lana Del Rey is back with a second new song. “Venice Bitch” is as impressive as it is shocking. Clocking in at 9:41, it’s Lana’s longest release to date. “Venice Bitch” is perhaps dreamier than “Mariners Apartment Complex,” and it continues in the same folksy-’70s vein. The new single starts with a nostalgic, almost childish melody, crude language notwithstanding. In fact, the lyrics and imagery recall Lana’s Born To Die album. By contrast, the music starts off as a tender, old-fashioned ballad before transforming into a drawn-out psychedelic jam packed with instrumental interludes.

The music video for “Venice Bitch” perfectly matches the one for “Mariners Apartment Complex.” The footage appears to have been shot on the same day, as Lana wears the same outfit while hanging in the roadside park. She and her friends also appear in the back of a moving car. Looping traffic footage takes up a large chunk of the video, fitting as the song sprawls out across the minutes. However, while “Mariners Apartment Complex” had a carefree, old-school vibe, this time the vintage style is even more obvious, the color and saturation convincingly recalling another era.

Watch the music video for “Venice Bitch” below:

You can stream “Venice Bitch” on Spotify or download it from iTunes now. Be sure to also stream or download “Mariners Apartment Complex,” too.

Lana co-wrote both songs with Jack Antonoff, and in a new interview, she reveals that they’ve written a whole album of material already. She told Zane Lowe that the new album, Norman Fucking Rockwell, will come out in early 2019. Lana and Jack started working on the new album in January 2018. At the time, Lana had three songs started; since then, she explains, most of the music has started with Jack. Now, with 11 songs ready, the album is just about done. Lana is considering releasing one more song in October before her 2019 album.

Beyond music, Lana also spoke about self-publishing a book of poems (or what could be considered short stories). She’s also working towards getting a pilot’s license!

Find out everything in Lana’s interview with Zane Lowe of Beats1 Radio below:

Enjoy “Venice Bitch” and “Mariners Apartment Complex,” and get ready for a possible third new song next month! With an album and a book of poetry on the horizon, there will be plenty for Lana Del Rey fans to look forward to. As always, keep checking back here for all the latest music news.

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