Muse Recruits Terry Crews For Wild “Pressure” Music Video

Last month, Muse announced their new album, Simulation Theory, will be out this November. Along with the news, the band released their fourth single from the record, “The Dark Side.” Today, Muse is back with our fifth glimpse into Simulation Theory. Their new single “Pressure” is a wild song with an even wilder music video.

Musically, “Pressure” is an energetic song with a staccato rhythm, rolling drums, and punchy horns. The guitars are tuned high, complementing Matt Bellamy’s frequent falsetto vocals. As the title suggests, the lyrics describe that feeling of anxiety as the stakes and intensity grow. While we can all relate to “Pressure,” the music video is a little less typical of our day-to-day lives. Indeed, the video, directed by Lance Drake, is quite a ride that harkens back to our favorite ’80s cinematic themes.

The “Pressure” video starts in a rather dead homecoming party in 1984. Terry Crews, the school’s principal, introduces the band Rocket Baby Dolls to liven up the place. (Fun fact: Muse’s first performance in 1994 was under the name Rocket Baby Dolls, and they were, in fact, entered into a battle of the bands competition, which they won.) Once Matt (resembling Marty McFly in Back To The Future), Chris, Dom, and their horn players start performing “Pressure,” enthusiastic students tear up the dance floor with flips and bicycle tricks.

The party underway, a couple of teens escape into the halls to make out. But something goes wrong, and they accidentally turn a caged hamster into a ferocious furby monster. The little furby monster terrorizes the whole school, leading Principal Crews to suit up and save the day with his secret laser gun. Unfortunately, many of the students are lost to zombiedom, while Muse (ahem, Rocket Baby Dolls) have their own problems on their hands…

Sound enticing? Watch the action-packed music video for “Pressure” below:

You can stream “Pressure” on Spotify or download it from iTunes now. You can also get it as an instant download if you pre-order Simulation Theory. The album is available across platforms and comes in three versions: standard, deluxe, and super deluxe. While the deluxe edition comes with five bonus tracks, the super deluxe comes with ten total bonus tracks. The album comes out on November 9th, and will include the band’s five singles: “Dig Down,” “Thought Contagion,” “Something Human,” “The Dark Side,” and, of course, “Pressure.”

Enjoy the new song, revisit the the previous four singles, and get ready for the whole album coming in just six weeks. From what we’ve heard so far, Simulation Theory will be a stunning record. As we count down the days, catch up on all that went into making the album. And as always, keep checking back here for all the latest Muse news.

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