Andrew McMahon In The Wilderness Announces Album ‘Upside Down Flowers’

Five months ago, Andrew McMahon In The Wilderness dropped a new single, “Ohio.” Two months ago, Andrew announced that the third Wilderness album was officially done. Today, all of us Andrew McMahon fans can finally celebrate, because the new album is only one month away: Upside Down Flowers will be out on November 16th!

The new record will include 11 total songs. In addition to the lead single “Ohio,” it comes with a brand new song called “Teenage Rockstars.” More on that soon. First, check out the full tracklisting for Upside Down Flowers:

  1. Teenage Rockstars
  2. Ohio
  3. Blue Vacation
  4. Monday Flowers
  5. Paper Rain
  6. This Wild Ride
  7. Goodnight, Rock And Roll
  8. House In The Trees
  9. Penelope
  10. Careless
  11. Everything Must Go

You can pre-order the album on iTunes now and get instant downloads of the first two tracks. You should also check out the two special bundles available on the official Andrew McMahon In The Wilderness store. Find all pre-order options here.

By now you may be familiar with “Ohio.” The new song, “Teenage Rockstars,” is similarly nostalgic, but instead of tackling an early cross-country move, it dives into Andrew’s music career. The song describes his beginnings with Something Corporate, a punk rock band that made a huge impact in its all-too-brief run. The title suggests a rocking banger, so it’s surprising to discover that it’s actually a reminiscent ballad.

Its music video truly brings the lyrics to life. It knits together footage spanning Andrew McMahon’s time in Something Corporate and into his Jack’s Mannequin days. See the return of his eyebrow piercing and the fluffy blonde hair-do he once sported. See him onstage with Josh Partington, Kevin “Clutch Page, Brian Ireland, and Bobby “Raw” Anderson. Nostalgic feels all the way around!

Watch the music video for “Teenage Rockstars” below:

If the tour footage was particularly exciting for you, you’ll be happy to know that a 2019 tour is also scheduled! From January through March, Andrew McMahon In The Wilderness will trek across the United States. Find tour dates and tickets now before they go on sale this Friday.

Check out Andrew McMahon’s full announcement and the album cover below, and keep checking back here for all the latest Andrew McMahon In The Wilderness news. Upside Down Flowers will be out on November 16th!

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