Editors Unveil Music Video For “Cold,” 4th Single From ‘Violence’

Editors released their sixth studio album, Violence, earlier this year. Following “Magazine,” “Hallelujah (So Low),” and “Darkness At The Door,” the band is now back with their fourth single. “Cold” opens the record on a high note, gently building into a song that is immediately catchy and endlessly delightful. Frontman Tom Smith croons to someone to “stay with me and be a ghost tonight, but don’t you be so cold.” Anything is better than the icy vibes he’s getting, but a song like this will melt even the coldest of feelings.

The music video stars Tom alongside a dancer, Drew Jacoby, dressed all in red. It was directed by Rahi Rezvani, as with all other videos from this and the previous album. Filmed in Iceland two months ago, the “Cold” video showcases stunning landscapes in shades of black and crimson (for more Icelandic scenery, see Avril Lavigne’s new video for “Head Above Water,” also filmed on location this August). The dancer tiptoes across the sand and stone, running with free abandon even as she shrouds herself in mystery. Tom, meanwhile, pleas for a little warmth and contact. Finally, the pair meet up just as the song reaches its end. It’s a beautiful, elegant video for one of the best songs on Editors’ new album.

Watch the music video for “Cold” below:

“Cold” is the first track on Editors’ new album, Violence, released last March. You can download the album from iTunes or stream it on Spotify now. If you prefer physical – or want to snag two extra bonus tracks – head over to Editors’ official store.

Editors is also an excellent band live. They’re currently touring the U.K. and Ireland, and have a European tour scheduled for November and December. Check out all the tour dates and find tickets before it’s too late!

Enjoy the new “Cold” music video, and keep checking back here for all the latest Editors music news.

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