Lana Del Rey Keeps Teasing New Songs, Including A Collaboration With Machine Gun Kelly

Last month, Lana Del Rey dropped two new songs, “Mariners Apartment Complex” and “Venice Bitch.” Both will appear on her forthcoming album, Norman Fucking Rockwell, due out early in 2019. This month, the new music hasn’t slowed down. Lana Del Rey must be excited about her new album, because she keeps teasing new songs!

It started with a track called “How To Disappear,” which Lana posted to Instagram on October 5th. She has since deleted the post, but some fans captured it before it was too late. Hear the clip below:

Then on October 12th, Lana teased a new song supposedly called “Cinnamon.” The following was an Instagram story that the fan account, Lana Del Rey Info, was able to capture:

Lana shared a clip of “Cinnamon” again in a more permanent Instagram post three days later:


Earlier this week, Lana shared a snippet of another new song, captioning only @machinegunkelly. In the clip, we only hear Machine Gun Kelly’s rapped part. It’s unclear if this track will appear on Lana’s upcoming album or if she’s the guest artist on his own new song. Listen to the snippet below:


Just last weekend, Machine Gun Kelly tweeted about working with Lana on October 18th, meaning this song is brand new!

Finally, just this morning, Lana teased a song called “Sylvia Plath,” confirmed to appear on Norman Fucking Rockwell. Sylvia Plath was a poet and novelist, most famous for her 1963 book, The Bell Jar. Sadly, she suffered from depression and committed suicide at the age of 30. Slim Aarons, referenced in the first line of the song clip below, was an American photographer known for photographing celebrities and socialites.

Lana also tweeted the lyrics heard in this short clip:


Along with “Mariners Apartment Complex” and “Venice Bitch,” we now know of four other songs that will likely appear on the new album. “How To Disappear,” “Cinnamon,” the unnamed Machine Gun Kelly collaboration, and “Sylvia Plath” are all amazing indicators of how Norman Fucking Rockwell will sound. In addition to those six songs, we also know the album comes with a title track. Last March, Lana shared a clip of a song called “Happiness Is A Butterfly” – will that appear on the next album, too?

Last month, Lana indicated that she wanted to release a third single in October. She didn’t state the name of it. At this point, we only have a few days left to get a full song. Perhaps Lana thought teasing multiple tracks was a better strategy.

Let us know what you think of the new song snippets in the comments below! Lana’s next album will be out early in 2019, and we already have a ton of stunning songs to look forward to. Keep checking back here for all the latest Lana Del Rey news.

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