Avril Lavigne Teases New Lyrics From Upcoming Single

Two months ago, Avril Lavigne shared her moving ballad “Head Above Water,” the lead single from her upcoming album of the same name. The record doesn’t come out until February, but Avril is already teasing new songs! Today, Avril shared a fierce new picture with a caption that seems to be song lyrics.

While “Head Above Water” delved into Avril’s battle with Lyme Disease, this new song seems to be about a relationship. What could this new song be? Will this be the second single? Check out the picture and lyrics, and share your best guess below.

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Update 11/3: Avril shared a video clip with new lyrics on Saturday. Unfortunately, the video is silent!

Update 11/4: Avril shared a final teaser image and lyrics on Sunday evening:


The full lyrics are as follows:

I ain’t playing no games
I’ve got nothing left to lose
So tired of circular motions
They leave me dizzy and confused
My heart is not your revolving door
I get stuck spinning and spinning til I collapse on the floor

But every time that you touch me
I forget what we’re fighting about
Oh you come and you leave shame on me
For believing every word out of your mouth

Darling you, oh you taste so bittersweet
Can’t get you off of my lips
You’re dangerous when you take me like a thief

Avril just confirmed her album’s name and release month earlier this week. Besides “Head Above Water,” the only other confirmed song is called “Warrior.” However, other known titles include “Crush,” “It Was In Me,” and “Lucky Ones” (the latter two she wrote with Lauren Christy). New rumored titles surfaced in the last couple of months as well. They include “Dumb Blonde,” “Birdie,” and “I Fell In Love With The Devil.” Could these new lyrics come from one of those songs?

Whatever the song is, it will likely be released as a new single in the coming weeks. Get ready to hear our second new Avril song soon!

While we await this mysterious new song, be sure to catch up on all that went into making Head Above Water. The album will drop in just three months. February will be here before we know it! As always, keep checking back here for all the latest Avril Lavigne music news.

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