Smith & Burrows Debut First New Song In 7 Years, “All The Best Moves”

Back in 2011, Tom Smith of Editors teamed up with Andy Burrows of We Are Scientists to form Smith & Burrows. That November, the pair released their debut album together, Funny Looking Angels. Comprised of covers and original songs, the Christmas album offered a unique take on the winter holidays. Seven years have since passed, and now Smith & Burrows is back with their first new song together since that holiday album! They just debuted “All The Best Moves” live last night at the Posthof in Linz, Austria. This happened during Andy’s opening set before Editors’ show.

On the new song, Tom and Andy both strum acoustic guitars, building an upbeat groove before Tom starts the first verse. He describes a somewhat apathetic guy who avoids going out and showing off his sick moves. Instead, he stays inside, thinking nothing is better or worse; it’s all the same. While Tom starts the choruses, Andy takes over the second half, making it a perfect duet. “All The Best Moves” is a fun, energetic song, even if that masks the dispirited lyrics.

Watch their performance of “All The Best Moves” below:

Prior to playing the song, Andy revealed that he and Tom are working on a new Smith & Burrows album. There’s no word on when that will be ready, or if it will also be centered around Christmas. If it will, we may not hear it until late next year. However, considering the lack of festivity in “All The Best Moves,” it’s entirely possible the new album won’t be about holidays at all.

Here’s a clip from their performance today in Bologna; Andy speaks about the new album about halfway through:


While we get ready to hear the next Smith & Burrows record, go back and give a listen to Funny Looking Angels. In addition to six covers, the album includes four original songs: “When The Thames Froze,” “As The Snowflakes Fall,” “Rosslyn,” and “This Ain’t New Jersey.”

More Editors & Tom Smith News

Meanwhile, Tom Smith’s band Editors just released their sixth album, Violence, earlier this year. That record launched their singles “Magazine,” “Halleluljah (So Low),” “Darkness At The Door,” and “Cold.”

Enjoy “All The Best Moves,” and look out for more on Smith & Burrows in the coming months. Keep checking back here for all the latest music news.

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